Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Hiarm Clark Hustler", Viper album review

Viper is a rapper from TX, mostly known for his song "You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack". With over a million views on YouTube, it is without a doubt his most popular. But the listless rhyming and shuffling production can be hard to take seriously, especially for a more casual listener. Is there something more to Viper than typos, lazy delivery, and even lazier album covers? I'm here to give you a verdict on what exactly to expect from a full Viper album. Namely I am speaking of his 2012 album, Hiram Clark Hustler.
I bought this album on Amazon on a whim after hearing "Because of My Hops". It's a digital MP3 copy, so no physical review for this album. I'm unsure if physical copies were even ever pressed.

The album:
As a complete project, Hiram Clark Hustler is not impressive. It isn't the sort of CD that I'm going to sit down and listen to again, at least in its entirety. But that isn't to say that this project is completely lackluster. There are absolutely moments to appreciate, whether it's the violent tracks like Quick Blast, laid back tunes like Because of My Hops, or even songs like Maybe, with warm synths and cheesy sampling that starts to skirt the realm of R&B. While the lyrical themes do vary on the CD, often times the rhyming is too boring to actually be captivating, and what you might find yourself doing is just jamming out to the relaxed, bassy production instead. And that really is neither a good or bad thing, but unconventional, and very easily unappealing to most listeners that will have a higher expectation when it comes to the execution of vocals.
     The tracklist drags with track lengths up to around 5-6 minutes long, and neither the production or rapping are eventful enough to keep the listener actually engaged. This is kind of music that you just vibe to, a drug record, cloud-rap style album that isn't meant to be admired for A list production or rapid-fire rhyming. Even though there are some great cuts on this album, the entire project as a whole is too boring for me to seriously recommend to anybody, but if you're looking for some chill music to bump in the background while you do something else, Hiram Clark Hustler is a solid pick. Some of the more mature themes may surprise you, and you may be shocked by the ability to relate to an artist with a personality like Viper. If you can go in with an open mind, by the end of Hiram Clark Hustler, you will at least understand the appeal, and at best, you may become a fan of this style of music.

"Hiram Clark Hustler" by Viper: 3/5

- Chill music to vibe to
- Unique production and rhyme styles

- Tracklist can drag (Long track times, uneventful production/rhyming, boring theme)

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