Saturday, November 8, 2014

Everybody Betta Shut They Mouth, 'Cause I'm Back (Not Really)

Where did Admin go??
Where is JRH???

Alright my lovelies! Alright, I hear ya! It's time for me to drop the shit on ya; I gotta let my ninjas know what has been going on, where I have been, and what's up for the future of the blog.

For those of you who don't know, I am a student in high school; since the beginning of this blog I have been. It's senior year for me - mad busy, lots of shit going on. I fucking love this blog with all my heart, I love bringing the real truth about the latest underground wicked freshness straight to ya dome. But I have a lot of shit going on right now, so the blog fell out of priority.
Who knows? Honestly, I'm so caught up in shit right now that such a question is not within my grasp to answer. But I know that I will be here at some point in the future.
On top of my being a student, know that this blog is and was purely extracurricular. I never received any money or academic recognition for running and updating this blog, it was just something I liked doing. And it was an adventure. Whether you looked at one of my reviews or all of them, know that I appreciate your presence and value your participation.
To add on, I'm going to be applying to colleges and taking on a whole new chapter of my life. The fact that I am moving on to secondary education could very well be the actual death of this blog, as sad as that makes me to say. But know that no matter what happens, I am and will always be down with the motherfucking clown and show much love to all my ninja family.
I have a lot of future plans. I got a lot going on for me, and I plan to get a job later on in the year so I can save up some money to make it to the motherfucking GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS MOTHERFUCKA!!! So maybe some of you ninjas who've been digging my shit will see me there, who the fuck knows? But I'm planning ahead and trying as hard as I can, so you know I'm going to be up in the motherfucking place when the damn time rolls around.
And despite the fact I haven't been here, I'm still an avid listener. Lo Key's new album came out (Getting that soon, pre-ordered it), First Six is up for pre-order, and the new Joker's Card has been revealed. There's one album in particular that came out that I've been bumping nonstop...

Shit's going on whether I'm here to talk about it or not, homie. But know I'm up in it. Despite all the worries of my last year in HS, I'm holding the fuck down and I'm making moves, just like the Posse held it down when they got their start. Zip Codes N Time Zones, Juggalos are everywhere and we will never fade. I've been updating the page occasionally but haven't been very active.
If you want to contact me and say what's up, the page is the best way to do that. Keep that in mind now especially but also when the blog starts moving again. And if you still want some updates on the underground wickedness, know that I'll be posting that on my page too.
With that last word, I'm gonna get out of here. I love every single one of you motherfuckers and I hope you all have a fucking fantastic weekend.
And all you ladies,
Never fuck a man with a wooden dick,
Or you'll get splinters all in your neden.