Saturday, January 31, 2015

"The Darkness", Twiztid album review

This album came out...four days ago, on the 27th of January (2015). I'm hitting you up with the straight facts on this new, long-awaited album from the Demented Duo.
    We've all been waiting for this album. The anticipation has been growing and now, after all the teasing and hinting is done, it's right here. After a series of extended plays and mixtapes released over the year, here it is, the new shit. This is the group's first actual album since leaving Psychopathic Records, so then, what the fuck is up with it? Was it even worth the wait?
Fuck yeah, it was.
They say that
Those in hell don't come back
Eternally in pits of Darkness
It's the hardest thing to,
Break someone free.
These graphics are pretty fresh. The art is actually a slip-cover with a big circle cut in the front to reveal that ghastly looking blue girl. It's an interesting cover, but instead of going into it in full detail I'll let you see for yourself below. The back of the slip cover has the track list and licensing shit, while the back of the actual CD case has some words on Darkness as an actual existence. It's interesting. The cover art is a folded poster, with production credits and art on one side and more art on the other side. Great work by whoever did the art. The CD art is kind of like the cover art of Freek Show but in a much more artistic rendition and in the same style as the rest of The Darkness. Same kind of thing in the CD rest. The graphics for this album are beautiful and would capture the eye of a wandering customer. I like it a lot and it was one of the things that made me excited for the album. There are a lot of tiny details that exist if you care to look for them, and are just overall very well-done.

This exceeds expectations. It's been a while; the last actual album Twiztid released was Abominationz back in 2012. Everything else has been a mixtape or extended play. So there was a lot hinging on this album, and there was a lot of talk going on. Musically, I think this might be Twiztid's best album to date. With the collection of different producers as well as varying lyrical themes, it's safe to say this album has a very versatile sound. Not in a scattered way, but in ways that all seem to connect and point to one thing: The Darkness. It's very clever and I like what they did with this CD.
     The Darkness is a very good listen and cover a few different musical grounds. There's some very hip-hop sounds, some heavy rock, a bit of old school, and different lyrical styles that vary track-to-track. It ushers in a new era of music for Twiztid while not forgetting their past, but moving forward with their sound in interesting ways as they always have been.
     Expect to be entertained and occasionally creeped out by this CD. There are entertaining skits throughout the CD, and even a track at the end entitled "The Exorcism" that is literally just mixed screams and sounds of suffering over some soft music. I wouldn't say that this album is perfect, but if you're a fan of Twiztid then you will be very pleased with this new shit they done and did. I encourage you to check it out, it's very entertaining and worth the money you'd be putting out. There are also three bonus tracks on the CD that are from different releases. The bonus tracks are all fairly new, like "Breakdown", which is from the Get Twizitd EP and "A Place in the Woods" (the only track on the CD with a feature, I'll add) which was a single they released while on tour. I'm not a super-hardcore collector, so I don't know if the versions on this CD are the exact same as the other renditions of the songs, but they are a welcome addition and add some more freshness to the CD while not fucking up the flow of the album. If you care about the wicked underground, then you should definitely be checking this out.

"The Darkness" by Twiztid has earned: 4.2/5!

Strong points:
- Very strong musically
- Variety of sound and producers
- Clever, varied lyricism that all points towards the same entity: The Darkness
- Bonus tracks are definitely a plus
- Consistent track listing

I'm unsure what to identify as weak points. I was actually sitting down at my workspace thinking to myself, "What do I not like about this CD?" Instead of forcing myself to come up with something, I think I'm going to conclude the review here. Thanks for checking this out homies. Have a wicked afternoon.

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